Care and Maintenance

Our products are all handcrafted and handmade by our team of talented craftsmen as well as craftswomen. Only the best quality and sourced natural materials are used for our products. To enjoy it, we would advise you to handle it with the utmost care required. Every product is unique and might have different materials, please note that every product should be cared for differently due to their unique characteristics. Here are some of the tips to take note so that you can prolong the lifespan of our products:


Here at Goodman’s loft, each teak product does not go through any excessive protective treatment as we want to preserve its rustic, unfinished original look and to allow it to age naturally. Hence, some stains will remain on the surface and will not penetrate the wood as easily since the wood has been polished prior.

To clean your teak furniture, we recommend that you use a damp cloth (with a solution of soap and warm water). Please ensure that the cleaned surface is completely dry afterwards.

To avoid scratching the wood, avoid using scouring pads and always ensure that you clean in the direction of the wood grain.

To further protect your teak wood furniture, it is recommended that you use teak oil to waterproof your timber and prevent any dirty spots.


Soft or dry cloth can be used to clean leather. You can also use a damp cloth (with a solution of soap and warm water) to clean thoroughly. To maintain your leather, we recommend that you clean it often with an uncoloured leather polish.

To avoid your leather products from deteriorating, please avoid direct exposure to sunlight.


You can also use a damp cloth (with a solution of soap and warm water) to clean rattan. Some people suggested spraying water on your rattan furniture, however, you would need to make sure you dry/sun them properly before keeping them indoors. Although rattan fibers are extremely resistant, they are naturally a dried-out plant. Proper care is needed such as avoiding constant exposure to sunlight, rain or constant changes in temperature or humidity. To prolong your rattan furniture’s lifespan, you should place it at a corner with a cover when it is not in use outdoors to avoid weather changes. Rattan will last longer when it is protected or indoors than being exposed to the change of weather for quite some time.


Small decorative cushions and bed covers
For cotton throws and cushions, we will suggest dry cleaning. If there are creases, you can use an iron (up to 150°C), you can use a tea towel or similar to it to preferably protect the material.

Sofa textiles stored indoors
You can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust from your sofa textiles. We suggest using a vacuum with an attachment to do so. To wash sofa covers, dry cleaning would be sufficient.

Sofa textiles at outdoors
If you spot any small marks on your outdoor sofa, we suggest that you use lukewarm and slightly soapy water and clean it with a cloth or a small gentle brush.